HSC301 Rolling Code Remotes Programmer 3

This is the first post of a serie of LMPAutomation research and Products development.

For the HCS301 Rolling Code research and implementation, we feel the need to implement our own Manufacturer key [MKEY] on a HCS301 Chip. This is a need usually only for a manufacturer with high volume production of remotes, so it become too hard to found a remotes supplier that implement our own MKEY. And from other side, they also don’t provide their own MKEY for obvious reasons.

So, we changed our approach to this problem. With the help of an Arduino, an compatible I2C Display, some buttons, and a SOIC8 clip, we implemented our own programmer. Currently it is programming only the Simple Key mehod, but it will be upgraded soon.

LMPAutomation - HCS301 Remotes Programmer

This is a kind of programmer that is close to the specs of some reputable manufacturers programmers. It can easily do the job of a small manufacturer and even of some specialized installers. It can be useful to produce new replacement remotes with specific Serial Number without the need to displace to the site.

The Interface is very simple and intuitive:



Download the Electrical Diagram: LMPAutomation – HCS301 Remotes Programmer

Arduino Code: HCS301_Transmitter_Programming_Arduino_v05


3 thoughts on “HSC301 Rolling Code Remotes Programmer

  1. HCarvalhosa Jun 18,2014 12:58 am

    is it for sale too?

  2. LMPAutomation LMPAutomation Jun 18,2014 4:28 pm

    It was not expected, but we can consider it if there are enough people interested.

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