Remotes Encoding Analisys

As part of the development, we start analysing the maximum possible quantity of remotes. Bellow you can found a picture of the differences between some of the encoding chips available.

LMPAutomation - Encoding Analisys


A functional prototype of our Universal Remotes Receiver (RXU01) is already running and under tests, and it is demonstrating good compatibility with almost all remotes under test.

But there are some exceptions! Most of them are related with remotes working on different frequencies (315MHz and even some remotes on European ilegal frequencies 306MHz).

Until now, there’s another exception! Kinggates Remotes that have a proprietary implementation!

Bellow we can observe that Kinggates developed a personalized remote with a PIC 12F635 microcontroller.

From the protocol analysis it looks that it is a some kind of variable code. As soon as possible we will try to implement also this remote on our Premium Universal Remote Receiver (RXU01).

Kinggates Remote Inside

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