TXC01 Compact Configurable Car Transmitter

After about 1 year of development, those are the first pictures of the TXC01 Transmitter prototype.

2 different configurations of housing dimensions and cable lenght are still under testing, but the same basic hardware is already working and being tested on a few cars.

This is a transmitter intended to be installed in a car (or any other vehicle with 6 to 24VDC), and activated from any car device as for example headlights, brake pedal, etc.

It can be configured in very different parameters through to some internal dip-switches, in order to transmit a code similar to your garage door remote control when you activate your headlights.

It will be provided as a kit, with all accessories to mount and connect the tranmitter, and optionally with a compatible receiver in case your garage door actuator is not included in the compatibility list.

More news soon! Fell free to contact and suggest!

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