HSC301 Rolling Code Remotes Programmer v06.1

After some busy months/years ­čÖé ┬áI needed to recover the code of my Arduino based “HSC301 Rolling Code Remotes Programmer”, mainly because of a failure on my prototype,┬áthat I’m not sure yet which was… The changes I made after that were to put a new prototype working again!

I hope you can still enjoy the changes and please let me know if it worked sucessfully.


* Removed “delay(Twc)” between bit reading of remote EEPROM, resulting in a┬ámuch faster programming sequence.
* Different implementation of LiquidCrystal display. Not better, just different┬ábecause previous one didn’t work on new display…
* 2 digital outputs (D8+D9) to power up the HCS chip. Probably more robust. *┬áNote that on some remotes you have to maintain the 12V battery connected during programming…


HSC301 Rolling Code Remotes Programmer

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